New in Dutch!
Nu verkrijgbaar!
MAN & KEREL als stripfiguren

Bientôt au FRMK.
En librairie le 15 octobre.
Gars & Gus, personnages de BD

Draw! Write!


Comics anthology
with Tobias and Eric.


Solo book.
No words.


Who are those
comic characters?

Donald Duck

Writing scripts
for Donald Duck.

Animate! Make noise!

Allow to infuse

Short animation based on a comic from Eiland #3.
Music by Remco de Waard.

Trailer for CHRZ

Trailer for my comic book published by Bries and Fremok.
Music by Remco de Waard.

Tip of MAN & GUY

Some advice from

Trailer for Donald Duck

Trailer for the publication of a comic book by Don Rosa.
Made for Sanoma Netherlands.

Go to my Vimeo account for more video's.

Compute! Play!


Game or story? Based on a comic strip from Eiland #5.
If you still have the Flash plugin you can play it here!

Comic strip viewer

System for making a comic more readable on a screen (and add some sound).
Click or tap to go to the next panel of 'MAN & GUY make an omelet'. Plot idea by Simone Ruitenbeek.

Astronaut and Isidore

An interactive story for children.
If you still have the Flash-plugin, you can read and play with the sounds here.
Story by Simone Ruitenbeek. Music by Remco de Waard.


How stories are made. Read it with added sound in your own reading pace.

Mr. Borealis

App (in dutch) explaining the physics of light and color. See it in action on Vimeo.
Learn with pop-ups and then test your new acquired knowledge Wario Ware style!

Point and click

Warning! Work in progress (or abandoned)... Trying to make a point and click adventure... of course with MAN & GUY!